5 Menit Perhari untuk Dapatkan Perut Sixpack! 

Anda tidak ada waktu untuk membentuk perut sixpack? jangan khawatir, ada latihan yang hanya 5 menit per hari untuk membentuk perut Anda sixpack.

Membentuk perut sixpack tentu saja idaman hampir semua pria, selain dapat membentuk tubuh lebih seimbang, memiliki perut sixpack juga dipercaya dapat meningkatkan kepercayaan diri Anda.

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Membentuk perut sixpack tentu saja idaman hampir semua pria, selain dapat membentuk tubuh lebih seimbang, memiliki perut sixpack juga dipercaya dapat meningkatkan kepercayaan diri Anda.

Sayangnya, jika Anda adalah seorang workaholic yang dituntut untuk selalu dispilin waktu dalam pekerjaan, kadang memang sulit membagi waktu untuk latihan di gym apalagi untuk membentuk perut sixpack.

Namun Anda tidak perlu berkecil hati lagi, karena ada beberapa latihan yang bisa membuat Anda tetap bisa membentuk dan memiliki perut sixpack dirumah dan hanya membutuhkan waktu 5 menit perhari.

Berikut 4 latihan selama 5 menit untuk membentuk perut sixpack :

Mountain Climber

Cara melakukan :

Posisikan tubuh seperti gerakan Push-up
Tempatkan kedua telapak tangan pada lantai sedikit lebih lebar dari bahu dan kaki kanan di tekuk kedepan, kaki kiri lurus kebelakang
Tukar posisi kaki kiri dan kanan dengan cepat sehingga kaki kanan lurus kebelakang dan kaki kiri ditekuk ke depan
Lakukan selama 30 detik


 Cara melakukan :

Posisikan tubuh seperti push-up
Beban tubuh bertumpu pada kedua tangan (dari siku sampai telapak tangan)
Kedua kaki lurus ke belakang
Kontraksikan otot perut
Lakukan selama 30 detik

Spiderman Push-Up

 Cara melakukan:

Posisikan tubuh seperti latihan push-up
Beban tubuh bertumpu pada kedua telapak tangan
Tarik lutut kanan sampai siku tangan kanan
Kembali keposisi awal dan lakukan secara bergantian
Lakukan selama 30 detik

Bicycle Crunch


Cara melakukan :

Berbaringlah lurus telentang di lantai atau alas matras
Tangan di belakang kepala
Angkat sedikit kedua kaki keatas
Tekuk kaki kiri dan kanan bergantian seperti mengayuh sepeda
Angkat sedikit kepala dan bagian tubuh atas
Arahkan siku tangan kanan ke lutut kiri secara bergantian
Lakukan selama 30 detik

Jackknife Sit-up


Cara melakukan :

Berbaringlah lurus pada lantai atau matras
Lengan lurus keatas, di belakang kepala
Tarik nafas, dan angkat pinggang sambil mengangakat kedua lengan Anda beserta kedua kaki anda hingga tangan dan kaki bertemu di atas
Buang nafas dan kembali ke posisi awal
Lakukan selama 30 detik

So fitness mania, sesibuk apapun Anda usahakan untuk tetap bisa menjaga kebugaran tubuh Anda dan imbangi latihan Anda dengan pola makan yang rendah lemak serta tinggi protein. Selamat berlatih! (boy)

Demikian informasi yang saya berikan semoga bermanfaat.

Disadvantages and Advantages Lollipop Android OS 5.0

The existence of the Android OS is now becoming a new trend in the smartphone industry, it is not separated from the uniqueness and advantages that many have of the OS. Even now, not just mobile phones are able to have this Android OS, tablets, televisions and also perangkar wearlabel or smartwatch also has a lot to use the Android OS this one.

And recently the largest Internet king Google superbly announced the newest Android OS yng labeled L which has an extension android Android Lollipop. But to know more about the Android OS Excess Lollipop this one, maybe you have to understand first history of the presence of this OS.

Earlier, one of the google workers saeorang Giovanni Calabrese, who is a designer android sculpture in the building Googleplex, announced that L in this new android OS means Licorice be a very Pansa rumor in the industry universe of today's smartphones.

But after officially released in June last Official Google provides an extension of L on this new OS as Lollipop. And not many know that it turns Excess Lollipop Android OS this one very much if we compare it with previous versions of android OS.

Well for that in a good chance this time allow us to provide a review of the Android OS Disadvantages and Advantages Lollipop which we will discuss below for you all this. So for those of you who want to know the latest OS lebh about this please see the explanation below.

Android Lollipop itself much in kalaim is an OS that has a lot of big changes that occur from the history of the android operating system that exists today. Successor and the successor of the Android OS Kitkat are already widely in use in a wide range of smartphones from the lower class to berkulitas smartphone is always received very much attention from loyal users of android.

Android OS does not necessarily membut this Lollipop jgua will have kesaamaan that many loved by the public at large by bringing a lot of changes from the previous version by presenting the many changes and new features in dalamnya.Nah untu it on this occasion we will provide such penelasan What advantages loliipop android 5.0 os this one.

1. User Interface

1. User Interface
Android is a mobile device that has a user interface or display menarikdan face to face very different from all existing smartphones that much will make users more happy in this Androdi operate mobile phone. And one of the most visible of the Android OS Lillipop this one is face-to-face view.

Where the latest operating system google android lollipop design specifically this with the concept of material design which is a concept inspired by the look Flast and minmalis a paper and ink in the added new animations that make this version will andrid more modern must always keep abreast of today's technology.

2. Features ART Runtime

Other changes that may be invisible by ART Runtime penggunay is a feature that has replaced the Dalvik is already in use of the previous version of the android os. AND for and ayang may not understand the differences and art Dalvik runtime we will explain in this bawh.

Dalvik itself is a feature found in previous versions of android os which has Konsel just-in-time by using application code at compilation while on the run. Instead ART Runtime is a concept Ahead-Of-Time at which the process of compiling code when the application is made akdalah apliasi the installation process.

But it all makes the installation process an application will be more time consuming and jgua will take space or memory capacity is large enough. Nmaun all it will make the performance of the apliaksi bit more performance and very mempuni.

3. Project Volta

Third, the advantages of android os this one dalah lollipop contained apda voltaic projects already in tanamka on os this one, in which the features of this voltaic project android 5.0 is capable memnghemat lollipop dayat battery life till approximately 30% when compared dngan Other Android OS that you have the exact taste.

With demikain in a release after the lollipop is Google android os sediri able to answer rumors that say that android phones memagn have a need for a battery that is too wasteful consumption while in use.

4. Supports 64-bit Architecture

With the passage seiringng rapid technological advances today, it is menghariskan most companies and even internet giants that now that google haris attention to the technological advances, for the release of the Android OS with at lolliop which claims many advantages google also pinning feature support 64-bit architecture in its most recent os's.

And the presence of excess os lollipop Androdi this one, now the android smartphone can have a capacity of 4 GB RAM which of course will make the performance of the phone will be increasingly mempuni. But before this feature perangkan android metok only in RAM capacity of 3 GB only.

5. Security

Lollipop Android 5.0 itself at present by using encryption automatically which will help protect dataa-critical data on your phone if there is something that does not want or is missing. With the passage of SE Linux on all existing applications, meaning better protection for security and also resistance to malware also will be better.

6. There are 15 New Languages

6. There are 15 New Languages
In an android mamang language is a key element in our sbeuah can run android based phones to be able to use ponselkita evenly. And the advantages of the new os android lollipop is tersdianya 15 new language that you can enjoy.

And the 15th such language is Basque, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese (Hong Kong), Galician, Icelandic, Kannada, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Sinhalese, Tamil and Telugu. Seingga total language which is owned Lollipop Android OS 5.0 this becomes 68 languages.